Pakistani Tandoori Shrimp Recipe

My adopted home of 20 years, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and my native Pakistan come together in this Tandoori Shrimp recipe.The earthy flavor of the Gulf Coast Shrimp is perfectly complemented by the traditional, spicy, yogurt-based tandoori marinade.
The meaty texture of the Gulf Shrimp fairly accurately imitates the texture of tiger shrimp, which are commonly used in this recipe at home.
Naturally, since none of us own clay ovens, we have all learned to improvise.Today, the yogurt-based marinade is referred to as “tandoori,” but there are many different ways to cook it.A gas grill is the modern method of choice, though sometimes an oven or pan will do.
When making tandoori shrimp, the grill is always my go-to method.However, due to inclement weather, I frequently cook these shrimp indoors.If you don’t have a grill pan, a good-quality frying pan will work just as well.
The recipe for tandoori shrimp Despite the fact that most tandoori masala contains garam masala, I don’t particularly like it.If you’d like, you can add half a teaspoon of your preferred blend to the following ingredients.
The yogurt is the main ingredient in the marinade, making the shrimp more tender and keeping them moist as they cook.The meat gets some much-needed flavor from the lemon, ginger, and garlic.
Concerning the spice blend,The seeds of cumin, coriander, and carom aid in neutralizing any fishy odor.The spiciness and vibrant color of the kashmiri red chili powder outweigh the spiciness of the red chili powder.
The marinade can be made by simply mixing it together quickly.I like to add a small amount of avocado oil at this point as well, despite the fact that the yogurt contains the essential fat for added moisture.
Before cooking, marinate the shrimp thoroughly and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
It is not recommended to marinate the shrimp for more than 30 minutes because this can cause the outer layer to become mushy.
If left on for an excessive amount of time, the citrus in the marinade may also begin to cook the shrimp.Seared shrimp may become chewy as a result.
HOW TO EAT THE SHRIMP A few recommendations for how to serve the shrimp and enjoy it.
APPETIZERS Spread about two shrimp on a small naan, top it with some pickled onions (follow the directions on the recipe card below), drizzle some mint-cilantro chutney over it, garnish with cilantro, and enjoy.
TACOS Instead of the miniature naan, serve the shrimp, onions, and chutney, in tacos.To accompany your meal, make black bean and mango salsa or spicy Mexican corn salsa.
BOWLS Serve the tandoori shrimp, pickled onions, and chutney with some basmati rice and kachumber salad.
Putting away and Warming
I generally don’t make a gigantic amount of these at a time as they don’t store well.Shrimp that have been heated get stringy and chewy.In point of fact, it is preferable to consume any leftovers cold rather than reheated.
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Pan-seared Tandoori Shrimp, marinated in a spicy yogurt blend, are accompanied by pickled onions, mini naan, and cilantro chutney.
The shrimp should weigh 1 lb after it has been peeled and deveined. Mix all of the remaining ingredients and marinate the shrimp in them for no more than 30 minutes (SEE NOTES). Preheat a skillet or grill pan and brush with a little bit of oil once the pan is well heated. Place 12 of the shrimp on the pan, leaving a little distance in between Sear on each side for no more than 2-3 minutes. Cook the remaining 12 of the shrimp and serve withThere are typically 25 to 30 shrimp in a one-pound bag.This quantity is used to calculate the marinade.
Avocado Oil – This is my favored cooking oil, however canola, sunflower or nut oil are great substitutes.
Time spent marinating: Marinating the shrimp for too long can actually par cook them, making them tough and chewy when pan seared.Therefore, a marination time of half an hour is more than sufficient.
Serving:Calories per person:Carbohydrates: 294 kcal9g of protein:26g
Fat:17 grams of fat:3 grams of monounsaturated fat:2 grams of monounsaturated fat:10 g of trans fat:1 mg of cholesterol:Sodium, 191 mg:1 gram of potassium:499 mg of fiber:2g
Sugar:4 g of vitamin A:Vitamin C, 370 IU:16 mg of calcium175 mg of iron2mg

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