Pakistani Tawa Fry Beef Keema Recipe

Keema, also known as ground meat, is never on the menu at Pakistani fine dining establishments.However, it is extremely well-liked as street food.The tawa fry keema is essentially a type of stir fry that is cooked in the authentic Awadhi style on big Tawas.
The ground meat is fatty due to the cheaper cuts that are used to make it affordable.During the frying process, that fat melts, giving this keema its delicious flavor.
Awadhi, or Lucknow cuisine, uses simpler ingredients than Mughlai cuisine, which relied on exotic spices, nuts, and dried fruits.The cuisine is well-known for its delicious flavor because it relies less on other ingredients and more on the natural flavor of the meat.
KEEMA AND MY STORY As a child, my family frequently ate keema.prepared as a curry with seasonal vegetables in accordance with Punjabi tradition.A portion of my #1 add ins are potatoes, peas, ringer peppers and harsh melon.
I grew up eating beef keema, despite the fact that the vast majority of Pakistanis enjoy and consume ground mutton or chicken.While any kind of ground meat can be used to cook this recipe, that is my preferred method.In my home we partook in this tawa fry meat keema with parathas for breakfast, early lunch and in Ramadan for sehri.
I decided to share my family’s recipe as Ramadan was about to begin.I realize I’ll cook for sehri frequently and when you taste it I’m certain you will as well.
Recipe for Tawfi-Fried Beef Keema In the absence of a tawa large enough to hold this much meat, I used a cast-iron skillet.This stir fry is ideal for a cast iron skillet because it heats evenly and effectively.A large frying pan will suffice if neither is available; however, the cooking times listed below may vary.
Except for the addition of onions, this recipe is somewhat comparable to my best karahi chicken and beef karahi gosht recipes.We begin this recipe with a lot of onions.These contribute to the keema’s flavor and tenderization as they cook and melt into the meat.
ONIONS In the first step, lightly brown the onions in a pan before adding the garlic and ground beef and frying briefly.In the same way that I would with any other kind of meat, I first sear the meat and seal in all the juices.
Additionally, the onions aid in reducing the smell of the meat.Ground meat, which is often made from cheaper cuts of meat, can smell a little if it isn’t cooked right.
Tomatoes are incorporated in two stages.When the onions and meat have reached a light brown color, the first four are added.The beef will be cooked to perfection as they release water.I prefer not to add any water and to let the meat and tomatoes cook in their own juices.
To finish cooking the ingredients, remove the cover, drain off any excess liquid, and fry for a few minutes.
THE FINISHED PRODUCT Once the Keema has turned a nice golden brown, add the crushed ginger and the remaining two tomatoes, and continue to cook until the tomatoes are just beginning to soften.
Include the few, straightforward spices.The freshness of the ingredients and the high quality of the meat make up the majority of this dish’s flavor.
Serve with parathas or hot naan and the lemon juice you squeezed on top. Garnish with the ginger, green chillies, and cilantro.
Take pleasure in this tasty and quick Tawa Fry Beef Keema recipe.Ready in a matter of minutes, every bite will make you want more!
Instructions: Finely chop the onions Heat the cooking oil Saute the onions until they are a medium brown Add the garlic paste and saute for one minute Add the ground beef and saute until it is no longer pink Add 4 chopped tomatoes, cover and cook for 10 minutes on medium heat until the tomatoes have melted (the remaining 2 tomatoes are added at the end). Uncover and turn the flame to high Add the salt, red chili powder, turmeric, cumin, dhania, and garam masala (if using
2 tablespoons of butter can be added for a more substantial flavor.
Beef can be substituted with chicken or mutton ground into a powder.
If you can’t find Roma tomatoes, you can still use them in curries.3 instead of 6 should be used if using larger tomatoes.
Garam masala isn’t in my recipe, but if you like the scent, use it.
If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can crush or grate the ginger with a food processor or even a grater if you prefer.
To use as a garnish, slice about 2 tablespoons of ginger thinly.This is around a 1 inch piece of ginger.
Serving:4 oz of calories:Carbohydrates: 454 kcal10 g of protein:21g
Fat:37 grams of fat:10 g of trans fat:1 mg of cholesterol:81 mg of sodium:Potassium, 746 mg:530 mg of fiber:3.5% Sugar:4 g of vitamin A:Vitamin C, 615 IU:Calcium, 20 mg:49mg of iron:3mg

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